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Maraikkayar Jewllery

The Challenge

Old meets the new

During the branding process for Maraikkayar Jewellery, the main challenge we faced was striking the delicate balance between modernization and heritage preservation. We needed to update their brand image to appeal to contemporary consumers while ensuring that their rich traditional identity and legacy remained unmistakably intact. This required thoughtful consideration of every aspect of their brand, from visual elements to messaging, to ensure that the essence of their heritage was honored while still propelling them forward into the future.

The Solution

A fresh Take on established brand

The solution was the birth of a unique logo that intricately incorporated a saling ship, symbolizing their deep-rooted heritage and the hidden history that their jewelry had amassed over the years. This emblem not only paid homage to their origins but also served as a powerful visual representation of their legacy, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.

Rizan Gold and Diamonds

Rizan Gold & Diamond, a globally renowned jewelry group, successfully carved out a niche in the industry by establishing a truly unique brand image. Overcoming the challenge of avoiding clichés in the market, our team devised a distinctive approach that propelled the brand to success and recognition worldwide. Through innovative strategies and a commitment to originality, Rizan Gold & Diamond has become synonymous with creativity and excellence in the jewelry industry.

18 Karat Jewellery

The branding expertise of Mad Conceps has propelled 18 Karat Jewellery to stand out as the unparalleled choice for luxury diamonds, eclipsing all other alternatives in the market. In an era where competition in the realm of precious stones is fierce, Mad Conceps strategic efforts have uniquely positioned 18 Karat Jewellery as the epitome of exclusivity and excellence.

Nina Abaya

The voice of the people

When Nina Abhayas, a globally trusted and luxurious abaya brand, approached us for their product branding, their primary concern was creating a bilingual brand name that would be readable to all while also reflecting the customs and traditions of the Arab world. What ensued was the birth of a highly acclaimed name in the world of abayas.