Our Team

Mansoor Bin Abdul Kader

Creative Director

Mansoor's journey from a graphic designer to an Art Director had been a convoluted transformation, leading him to conceptualize intricate ideas into exquisite designs. Describing his approach as reaching out to a lover, Mansoor evolves intense designs. Beyond his role as an Art Director, he serves as a versatile Brand Consultant, graceful Calligrapher, holistic Illustrator, expressive Artist, and insightful Photographer. An Entrepreneur, Mansoor actively seeks new connections, always ready to start meaningful conversations. His diverse skills and passion make him a valuable asset in the creative realm.

Yousef Ibrahim

Business Development Director

Meet Yousef Ibrahim, our go-to growth guru! With a knack for spotting golden opportunities, building key partnerships, and cooking up creative solutions, Yousef is the leader we need to take things up a notch. He's all about understanding market vibes and creating killer collaborations, dedicated to steering our business in the right direction. Yousef's passion for connecting with clients and making waves in the market makes him an absolute rockstar on our team!

Asfina Ashraf

General Manager

Asfina Ashraf, Mad Concep's General Manager, leverages a decade of cross-industry expertise to lead the development of branding and advertising. With a strategic focus on collaboration, teamwork, and accountability, she aims to meet global economic demands and foster growth in the customer base. Asfina's innovative approach positions Mad Concep for a promising future, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving collective success.

Shafeeque Mundkkate

Finance Manager

Meet Shafeeque Mundekkate, our awesome Finance Manager! He's a pro at tackling the tricky world of financial strategy and analysis. With a sharp attention to detail and a knack for strategy, he's all about boosting financial performance and minimizing risks. Thanks to his wealth of experience, Shafeeque is all in on maximizing profits and keeping things in line with industry rules. His mad skills in financial modeling and forecasting make him a key player in steering our organization toward lasting success.

Shabeer Kizhakkam Kunnath

Admin Manager

Shabeer Kizhakkam Kunnath, the Administration Manager, is an indispensable part of Mad Concep, providing crucial support for all its daily operations. His skills and dedication are essential for ensuring the seamless functioning of the organization. With his contributions, he greatly enhances efficiency and productivity, making him an invaluable member of the team.

Tilu Thankachan

Visual Art Director

As an Creative Specialist, Tilu transformed from a novice to a seasoned professional by embracing a new wave in advertising. Collaborating with a gifted trio, he honed his creativity, aesthetics, and business sensibilities, shaping his destiny. With a constant quest for creative excellence, Tilu stays ahead of the curve, pushing the limits of creativity in every brief. He excels in delivering impactful and beneficial solutions for clients, making each day a challenge to create the next big thing in effective communication.

Deepali Paradhi

Creative Lead

Deepali, our creative lead, guides teams to brilliance in design, content, and storytelling. Merging creativity with strategic thinking, she crafts compelling narratives that resonate and leave a lasting impression. Committed to pushing boundaries, she believes in the transformative power of creativity to inspire and provoke change. Whether designing campaigns or fostering collaboration, Deepali turns concepts into realities that exceed expectations, making a lasting impact.


Creative innovative Lead

Meet Afham, our Creative Innovative Lead who's gone from rookie to pro in the world of advertising. Teaming up with a bunch of talented folks, he's honed his skills, mixing creativity, style, and business smarts to shape his own destiny. With a constant hunger for creative awesomeness, Afham is always ahead of the game, pushing the boundaries of cool in every project. He's all about delivering killer solutions for clients, making every day a new chance to come up with the next big thing in awesome communication.

Alphamol Sebastian

SEO and Digital Marketing Executive

Meet Alphamol Sebastian, our digital dynamo and SEO maestro. With finesse, she explores the cyber wilderness, turning our website into a search engine rockstar. Alphamol's expertise goes beyond optimization; she orchestrates a symphony of keywords, crafting a captivating narrative for our brand. In her hands, SEO becomes a vibrant dance with data, ensuring our digital kingdom rules the online realm. Cheers to Alphamol for making our digital presence shine!

Sreelakshmi C P


Say hello to Sreelakshmi, our financial whiz! She's got the knack for tackling the tricky world of financial strategy and analysis with ease. With her sharp attention to detail and strategic thinking, she's all about boosting our financial performance and keeping risks in check. Thanks to her wealth of experience, Sreelakshmi is all about maximizing profits and ensuring we stay on the right side of industry rules. Her expertise in financial modeling and forecasting makes her an invaluable asset in steering our organization towards long-term success.



Meet Razik, our incredible Accountant! The with a sharp eye for detail and a talent for strategy. From maximizing profits to ensuring compliance, Razik's financial wizardry is essential for our success journey.

Abdul Jazim

Account Executive

Say hello to Jazim, our rockstar Account Executive who bridges the gap between MAD and our clients. Soft-spoken and a master at building rapport, he's your go-to guy for all things advertising and branding. Need details on a campaign or have a branding requirement? Jasim's got you covered! He's always there to elevate your branding ideas and take your company to the next level

Shafeena Binth Shemsudheen

Client Servicing Executive

Introducing Shafeena, our Client Servicing Executive, bridging the gap between MAD and our cherished clients. With a gentle demeanor and an unparalleled knack for nurturing relationships, she's your ultimate go-to for all things advertising and branding. From unraveling campaign intricacies to tailoring bespoke branding solutions, Shafeena has your back! Count on her unwavering support to amplify your branding endeavors and propel your company towards unparalleled success.